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We attract the best in the business. People from enterprises, consultancies, agencies, and startups – all drawn to building a career that’s both exciting and sustainable.

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akto recruit people local to where the work is. Doing so gives local people the break they’ve been looking for and provides our customers skilled resources in their region.


People Management

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We are always looking for experienced architects and integration specialists.

There are many forthcoming opportunities, in all Australian capital cities. Please review the descriptions below of our most common openings, and provide us with your details (which will remain confidential).

There’s a place for all types of work styles and contract preferences here, and if we can’t find a fit with our current projects and teams, we’ll see if we can connect you to other opportunities, and keep you in the loop when something opens up.

With all the roles listed below, we expect that you are expected to be able to walk the talk and be prepared to provide references to substantiate your experience. In return, you will become a valued member of the akto team, expand your skills and make a difference.

Please take note of the skill requirements on each of the role descriptions prior to registering your interest. We also require you to have full working rights in Australia.


Solution Architect

This is a role that evokes a broad range of definitions and as a result the industry is littered with people calling themselves “Solution Architect”. A “years of experience” requirement for a Solution Architect role is hard to nail down, but you’ll need to show your scars in areas such as:

  • Translate strategic business objectives and intent into a high level solution designs, as input to a business case by:
    • Validating and refining business intent;
    • Recommending solution options to realise the business intent and business benefits;
    • Present the high-level cost of solution options.
  • Define and present solution options, outlining the cost, effort and risk implications of each, by:
    • Becoming a trusted advisor to stakeholders, regarding business and technology solutions;
    • Identifying risk associated with solution options, including the risk of maintaining the status quo.
  • Assist in the evaluation and assessment of a vendor’s product and its suitability for business need, by:
    • Working with stakeholders to provide a set of measures and metrics to effectively assess products and vendors to fit their business need;
    • Participating in vendor and product due-diligence activities;
    • Participating in RFI, RFP and other assessment activities for vendor and product selection;
    • Using awareness of industry trends and product offerings to provide stakeholders effective decision support.
  • Provide high-level cost and effort projections to assist with investment decision making, by:
    • Providing a summarised view of costs, risks and benefits of various solution options to assist with business decision making;
    • Help stakeholders understand total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI);
    • Performing conceptual designs that provide information as input to business cases;
    • Identify opportunities to leverage new and existing technology and services to lower cost and complexity of business operations (e.g. sharing of systems, services, or processes).
  • Provide decision support to Program/Project planning and design activities, by:
    • Providing consulting and adviser services during project execution to ensure project delivery matches business intent;
    • Helping projects understand technical dependencies of solution components and assist with project implementation approaches.

Integration Specialist

An ideal candidate is a self-starter, able to work in ambiguity with excellent skills in inter-personal client relationships. Your skills also include:

  • 5+ years of IT experience;
  • Minimum of 3-year experience working with integration middleware (Dell Boomi developer/architect certification will be viewed extremely favourably);
  • A deep understanding of synchronous and asynchronous integration patterns;
  • Experience working in SOA and micro-service style architectures;
  • An understanding of master data management patterns;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of distributed systems architecture, middleware, or object-oriented analysis and design;
  • Deep understanding of integration protocols and standards e.g. XML, XML Schema, SOAP, WSDL, REST, JSON, OpenAPI, SFTP, JDBC, JMS, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, OAuth;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Experience working in agile teams.

Graduate Positions

You will be highly regarded as a candidate if you can demonstrate:

  • An awareness of synchronous and asynchronous communication patterns;
  • An understanding of SOA and micro-service style architectures;
  • An understanding of data modelling concepts;
  • A knowledge of distributed systems architecture, middleware, or object-oriented analysis and design;
  • An awareness of integration protocols and standards e.g. XML, XML Schema, SOAP, WSDL, REST, JSON, OpenAPI, SFTP, JDBC, JMS, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, OAuth;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

If your skills and experience relate to any of these examples, please email us with the following details. 

Be sure to provide cover letter information – sharing any brief success stories that can teach us more about you and your work, with candid reflection on your where you’re heading on your professional journey (and what’s got you to where you are today) – plus attach your resume.

Email Gordon McAlister – gordon.mcalister@akto.com.au

We genuinely care about our employees and we invest in career development by intentionally providing a variety of interesting work, training and certification.
akto is a Dell Boomi business partner and you will be encouraged and assisted to obtain Dell Boomi developer and architect certifications. Launch your career with akto.