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Our Values

What makes akto different?
Putting people first!

akto is founded on a core set of values which recognise the company that we want to be and the behaviours we want to be known for. Being a values-driven organisation, this shapes how we hire, how we partner and who we do business with. We strongly identify with (and enjoy making a difference in) organisations that provide positive social impact and make a difference to people’s wellbeing.

Our People are Healthy and Happy

Every individual has different motivations and drivers. We see people through their abilities, support them to find their operating rhythm, and provide an inclusive, flexible work-life balance.

Don’t Dump the Kid

We are focused on aligning the skills and interests of our people with the needs of our clients. The right person is assigned to deliver the outcome in a supported way, with recognition and feedback.

Don’t Dump the Client

We don’t cut and run when things get tough. When things get tough, we will always find a path to an outcome that provides value.

Work Ethic and Aptitude above Discrete Skills

Smart, engaged people with a healthy attitude towards learning and getting the job done can achieve anything. Technology is always changing, and new skills can be learned. We value adaptability and an “it’s not failure if you’re learning” attitude.

Diversity and Differences of View

Perspective is a wonderful thing. We encourage and seek diversity to expand our viewpoints for greater context. We respect smart people who disagree with us and learn from each other.

Learn to Fly

Everyone needs that break, either to get their start or to reinvigorate themselves. We delight in the potential to provide that platform, spark that ability to learn and actively seek and provide opportunities to help our people grow.

Leave the Nest

We promote our people to embrace their potential and chase their ambitions and next opportunity, whether it be with us, in another field or to another organisation. We understand the goals of our people and having done what we can together, wish them well for their next step.

Enjoy the Ride

Our people enjoy a good challenge. In a supported environment, the most difficult challenges often provide the greatest appreciation of an outcome. We delight in problem solving, delivering solutions and celebrating the outcomes.

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